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Larry Grawburg AKA ( the guy that made this all possible) 

Born a hundred years ago (or sometimes it feels) in the suburban yet rural (at that time) outskirts of Flint Michigan, Larry was your typical football, basketball, baseball kid.  But when he wasn’t sweating on the field or on the court he was exploring the woods and water with BB gun (eventually shotgun) or fishing pole in hand.  

Now, as fate would have it back then, Larry topped out at about 5’6” and about a buck thirty-five in HS (he is perhaps a little more than that now) so football and basketball quickly went by the wayside before any major injuries were incurred…and since the only other sports in the fall at Larry’s HS were golf and cross-country (and he sure as hell wasn’t gonna run cross country) Larry made perhaps the greatest decision of his life and joined the golf team…despite having never picked up a club.  

And as they say…the rest is history.  A life-long love affair with a beautiful and wonderfully frustrating sport was born to go along with a passion for hunting and fishing and form the perfect trifecta!  

 And now…just a few years later (ok, more than a few) … is born.  A hope and attempt to bring together a community of like-minded individuals to share in the love of these three great pursuits.  So join us in the journey…because, after all…

  "It's What We Do"!              


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